SOFREE Film Night: Creation

Join us for movie night on the evening of Saturday March 25th.
We will be screening ‘Creation’, a biographical film about the life of Charles Darwin. Though this is a story many of us will know quite well, this film focuses specifically on the religious repercussions of his theory, in particular Darwin’s relationship with his Christian wife. Running time is just over an hour and a half so that will leave a little time for some discussion afterwards. Some popcorn and movie snacks/drinks will be provided.
We will be meeting at the Grand River Unitarian congregation, located at 299 Sydney Street South in Kitchener. Parking is available and it is easily accessible by public transport – more details about getting there available on their website. There will be no cost for you for this event, though any donations on the night to cover costs are appreciated. We will start the film at about 7 o’clock.
Hope to see you there!

Date and time:
6:45pm, Saturday March 25
Grand River Unitarian Congregation
299 Sydney St South, Kitchener

March Sunday Brunch with Waterloo Regional Police

Is your personal information safe?
Learn about how to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft with constables from the Waterloo Regional Police.

Date and time: New Location!
10:30am, Sunday March 19
Huether Hotel, Malt Room
4 King St. North, Waterloo

February Sunday Brunch with Doug Thomas

What is secular humanism? When did it start? Where did it come from? Whose bright idea was it anyway?
Doug Thomas is a life-long agnostic, post-modern atheist, and a secular humanist. He has advocated for secular humanism and humanist rights since 2002 when he joined SoFree. Currently, he works with seven other humanist advocates across Canada in a nexus called Secular Connexion Séculière and is a registered lobbyist on behalf of humanist rights with the Commissioner of Lobbying for Canada.
In this presentation, Doug looks at the origins of secular humanism, how it developed over the ages, how it has generated ethics and morality, and how it has been reflected in religions. A long journey in a few minutes, this will be intense and interesting.

Date and time: New Location!
10:30am, Sunday February 19
Huether Hotel, Malt Room
4 King St. North, Waterloo

Darwin Day

Charles Darwin, one of the most influential life scientists and the father of modern evolutionary theory, was born on February 12, 1809. He revolutionized the way we understand our origins and our relationship to the natural world. SoFree invites you to join our annual Darwin Day birthday celebration: dinner and conversation with other curious people, and a lecture on the life and times of this historic figure. Click here for details.

Date and time:
6:00pm, Saturday February 11
Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge
4 King St. North, Waterloo

Reason 25 Breakfast

SOFREE is celebrating its 25th birthday this year! Thank you to all who joined us for breakfast with Brian May, MP Cambridge and Ken Seiling, Regional Chair, to mark the start of our silver anniversary year.

Event details:
11:00am, January 15
Malt Room, Lion Brewey Pub, Waterloo