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Good Without God? You Are NOT Alone

Founded in 1992, The Society of Ontario Freethinkers1 is a dynamic community of secular humanists in Southwestern Ontario. People join us to socialize, learn, discuss concerns and to practise the secular humanist philosophy. For 25 years, SOFREE has provided an active, supporting community for non-believers.

Many of us just need to socialize, and SOFREE provides opportunities to do that with fellow secular humanists who share the same life perspective. Our social events are varied so that there is something for everyone. Sometimes they are combined with information and learning opportunities, but often there are just times and places where we can gather and enjoy each other’s company.

SOFREE provides many opportunities to explore the ethical world of secular humanism with lectures about history, the humanist philosophy, science and (oh dear) politics. Our events are in locations chosen to be accessible by public transit and our members car pool frequently.

SOFREE can also provide some support in the journey away from religion. Most of our members have come out of religion and are familiar with the challenges this can present. Besides the simple comfort of being able to talk freely with fellow humanists, one can talk with people who have had similar experiences. Since life itself presents many challenges, a social humanist community like SOFREE is a ready source of support during those challenging times.

Raising children in a secular humanist family within a community dominated by religious families has its own set of challenges. SOFREE can provide opportunities to meet other parents and children who face the same challenges. As an organization, SOFREE can provide resources and contacts with people in the humanist community who can help deal with school officials and other community members who are not as sensitive to secular humanist concerns as they should be. SOFREE’s contacts with other organizations dedicated to advocating for humanist rights in our public systems, provide a starting point to resolve issues of discrimination.

Participation in the larger community with fellow humanists is rewarding and SOFREE provides opportunities to demonstrate that we are good without gods. By practising the secular humanist principles alongside other community members, we can make a difference. This is a way to step up and step out as a secular humanist as much as your comfort level allows.

In short, non-believers who join us (even as guests) are not alone.



  1. Formerly The Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Guelph Humanist Association