Mission and Principles

The Society of Ontario Freethinkers (SOFREE) is a community of secular humanists in Southwestern Ontario. We are dedicated to supporting non-believers in Canada and around the world, to making positive contributions to the communities around us, and to promoting separation of church and state.

The major question we must ask ourselves is, “How am I going to practise each of these principles?”

1. Find ethics through reason. Use critical thinking to find the best solution to each situation. The best solution will provide the most benefit or least harm to all involved,

2. Respect personal freedoms. Support people’s freedoms when they do not interfere with the rights and freedoms of others. The touchstone standard for rights and freedoms is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms along with Supreme Court of Canada rulings based on it,

3. Support democracy. Work to ensure fair treatment and equal voice in all forms of government for all. Support the basic principle of separation of church and state,

4. Practise social responsibility. Act to contribute to the betterment of society by sharing knowledge, resources and opportunities,

5. Value art and imagination. Appreciate the contribution both make to the enhancement to our culture by their constructive criticism and their power to inspire us to be better.

6. Respect nature and the planet. Realize that all life forms are a valuable, integral part of our home and help all to survive and thrive.

7. Live a positive life. Work to build, work to support, work to make society better through selfless acts. Seek no personal reward for helping; ask only that those we help pay our efforts forward,

8. Leave a positive legacy. Pass experience and knowledge on to following generations.

* These statements of principle are based on the statements issued by the International Humanist and Ethical Union Conference of 1952.

We are SOFREE!