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Founded in 1992 as a Canadian charitable organization, the Society of Freethinkers is a community of Secular Humanists that promotes critical thinking, advocates for secular laws and policies, and provides a social and outreach network for SOFREE members as well as Secular Humanists in Canada and around the world. 

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Our Vision

The advancement of human well-being by applying Humanist principles and secular laws. We envision a Canada free from religious influence in our ethics and government.

Our Mission

To provide emotional support and outreach services to people transitioning to a secular Humanist way of life.

To advance knowledge and education by hosting interactive events and providing resources related to Humanist philosophy, literature, music, and art.

To provide an active social community for our members.

To provide a referral service to licensed Humanist Officiants for couples and families planning marriages, child namings, memorials, and other significant life events.

Our Values

We affirm human worth and dignity.
We are guided by reason and scientific inquiry to solve problems.
We are motivated by ethics and compassion to help others.
We strive for peace, social justice, and global awareness.
We support keeping religion out of government and public institutions.
We lead fulfilling lives without faith-based beliefs.