SOFREE is a social network for non-religious people in Southwestern Ontario. We promote Humanist principles, freethought, critical thinking, and the separation of church and state.

Next Event: October Sunday Brunch with Jockie Loomer-Kruger

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October 16th 2016 - 10am at Symposium Café

Please join us for a presentation by Canadian writer and folk artist Jockie Loomer-Kruger. She will present a talk on her new book Valley Child - A Memoir, a collection of childhood stories intended for adult readers. Each story is accompanied by one of her folk art illustrations.

Valley Child tells the universal stories of childhood by drilling deeply into the particular: her own childhood, in her own family, in her own corner of Nova Scotia. Her paintings are exuberant and joyful: alive with vivid colours and textures, inventiveness, and wit. The accompanying stories do not merely fill in the background of the pictures. Instead they create moments in time held up to a light that is not nostalgia but something far richer: a child's truth seen through the eyes of the adult she has become.

Text and image work in harmony to create a book that is always ruthlessly honest, but is also by turns poignant, sad, wistful, and laugh-out-loud funny.

Learn more about Jockie's book here: www.jockie.ca

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SOFREE is a community for non-religious people who are "good without God": living moral, ethical lives without supernatural beliefs.

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