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SOFREE is a community of Secular Humanists and Non-Believers.

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Our Vision

It is our responsibility to do the hard work and challenge our existing beliefs to find errors in our thinking.

The world is only as humane as we make it, so it is up to us to treat each other with dignity and without prejudice.

Our government must ensure no person is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged solely due to their religious beliefs or lack thereof.

Our educational institutions must be free to foster learning of science and philosophy without fear of reprisal from religious lobbyists. 

We envision a Canada free from religious influence in our ethics and government.

Looking to Contribute?

Help us offer community and social support to secular individuals interested in practicing the principles supported by Secular Humanists around the globe.

Help us support the civil and human rights of individuals in their social circles, schools, work environments, and even broader communities overseas who face oppression by their government and neighbors for their rejection of dogma and superstition.

Help us show that human beings can live full, meaningful, and ethical lives without religion or doctrine.

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