Humanist Officiants

Licensed Humanist Officiants

Katherine Dimou
Lifetime Ceremonies

Karis Burkowski
Imagine Ceremonies

Three of our SOFREE members are licensed Humanist Officiants.

Officiants with Humanist Canada undergo background checks, character references, interviews, and extensive training. They are carefully selected on the basis of education, life experience, writing and presentation skills, personality, and commitment to Humanist principles.  

Historically in Ontario, couples had only two choices: a religious ceremony in a church, or a civil ceremony at city hall. Each has its own restrictions, including limited choices in the style and wording of the ceremony.

Humanist weddings are refreshingly different. Humanist Officiants have the freedom to create unique wedding ceremonies that are personalized to reflect your commitment to one another. You and your Humanist Officiant create your ceremony together, based on your needs, preferences, and individual personalities. Humanist Officiants also perform child welcomings, memorial services, and other meaningful ceremonies.

Humanist Officiants are carefully vetted and trained by Humanist Canada and are registered and licensed by the Province of Ontario. SOFREE provides the names of these Officiants for your convenience and does not endorse any particular Officiant(s). For a complete list of Officiants, go to: Humanist Canada Officiants.