Why be a SOFREE member?

Membership has its privileges

Society members know that they will be given advance notice of all events and free admission or discounted admission rates.

They receive monthly bulletins that provide information about SOFREE activities and events that SOFREE supports, or which provide group benefits.

Society membership ensures that the members are included in all notices about events and are eligible to attend all events.

Society members are a part of a mutual support community.

Society Membership fees are kept to a minimum that will provide operating revenue and assume that people who are able will also donate to SOFREE on the donate page.

Children under 18 are considered to be members when a parent is a member. Students who are under 18 and wish to join autonomously require a parent or guardian’s written permission. Student memberships apply to those who are able to provide a student number.

The best way to join SOFREE is to come out to a brunch (3rd Sunday of every month – events column) and join there (cash or cheque).

Membership payment may also be made by mailing a cheque made out to The Society of Freethinkers to: P.O. Box 42036, 555 King Street North, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 6K5. Please note that this is a mailbox only.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of March 1, 2019, SOFREE changed to an annual membership renewal date. If you buy or renew a membership before March of 2019, your membership will be good until March of 2020 (e.g. buy or renew in January 2019 and get 14 months membership for the price of 12).

Please be sure to provide us with complete contact information: name, phone number, email address, postal address. SOFREE collects member information solely for contact purposes. SOFREE does not share such information with any other organizations or individuals.

Annual membership fees are as follows*:

Adult membership – $25.00, Member of student atheist group – $10.00, Student – $15.00

*Fees paid after March of any given year prorated as follows:

June: Adult – $19.00, Member of student group – $7.50, Student – $11.00
August: Adult – $12.50, Member of student group – $5.00, Student – $7.50
November: Adult – $9.00, Member of student group – $3.50, Student – $5.00
January to March: Full fee and your membership goes until March of next year.

Facebook membership keeps you in touch with SOFREE events and happenings in a general way and allows Facebook members to comment on postings in the moderated group. Facebook membership does not entitle you to SOFREE membership privileges (voting, etc).