SOFREE Media videographs presentations by and for SOFREE members. Click on the one you are interested in watching.



Just Think – An animated encouragement to think – WRC 2013



Doug Thomas Introduces Humanism and Talks about Secular Humanism and Religious Freedom – WRC 2013




Doug Thomas – God, Fact or Fiction – McMaster University




Karis Burkowski – Pathways to Peace – WRC 2014




“Good Without a God” – Peter Kanold, 2014




John Neu – Brunch presentation – Surviving the Occupation




Karis Burkowski – Brunch presentation – Why Men Made God





Ted Spicer – Brunch presentation




The Blue Dot – Ted Spicer ~ Karina Black – End of Life Decisions – WRC 2016




Gary Bauslaugh – The Secret Power of Juries




Introduction to Humanism – Doug Thomas


Linda Southall “Why Preserve Wildlife?”