SOFREE Media videos presentations by and for SOFREE members. We have also discovered some interesting Youtube videos. Click on the  cranberry text or the image to watch.

Intro to Video The Honourable Bardish Chagger at a SOFREE Brunch
Bardish Chagger and the SOFREE Cave
Visual link for Thomas Huxley Video
Darwin Day 2019 – Doug Thomas

Sassan Sanei  “Experiencing the Absence of God as a Humanist”
World Religions Conference, Waterloo, ON, 2018

   Finally! Proof! Remember, “A proof is a proof is a proof.” (Jean Chr├ętien)

Just Think – An animated encouragement to think – WRC 2013

Doug Thomas Introduces Humanism and Talks about Secular Humanism and Religious Freedom – WRC 2013

Doug Thomas – God, Fact or Fiction – McMaster University

Karis Burkowski – Pathways to Peace – WRC 2014

“Good Without a God” – Peter Kanold, 2014

John Neu – Brunch presentation – Surviving the Occupation

Karis Burkowski – Brunch presentation – Why Men Made God

Ted Spicer – Brunch presentation

The Blue Dot – Ted Spicer ~ Karina Black – End of Life Decisions – WRC 2016

Gary Bauslaugh – The Secret Power of Juries

Introduction to Humanism – Doug Thomas

Linda Southall
“Why Preserve Wildlife?”

Richard Carrier SOFREE 2017

Richard Carrier, “Science in the Roman Empire”

Ken Stone SOFREE Sept 2017

Ken Stone, SOFREE Sep’t. 2017

Doug Thomas Cdn Values

Sylvia Ranson & Doug Thomas – WRC 2017