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Case 1. A person is dismissed from a job with the excuse that “she doesn’t fit in with the company culture.” The company is run by Christians. They have obviously checked her online profile and discovered that she is a Secular Humanist. As a member of SOFREE, she is able to talk to other Secular Humanists, cope with the stress, get recommendation letters and move on.

Case 2. A university professor is denied tenure and dismissed because the university discovers he is a Secular Humanist. He successfully sues for wrongful dismissal and shares his experience with other Secular Humanists through SOFREE. Other SOFREE members gain from his experience.

These are but two incidents where the SOFREE fellowship is helpful to Secular Humanists.

Are you Experiencing discrimination because you’re good without gods?
Do you need support from other non-believers? You don’t need to be a member just …

Email: Hotline@sofree.ca

1. Include a subject line that clearly indicates the problem,
2. Describe the problem,
3. Send copies of any documents you have,
3. Provide some idea of your expectations about action.

We will:
1. Acknowledge receipt of your email within 24 hrs.,
2. Ask for further details if necessary,
3. Investigate the problem and recommend or take action.