Guelph Campus Atheists*

The club provides a medium for the inquiry of atheism, agnosticism, non-religious belief and secularism at the University of Guelph. Our main purpose is to provide a community for this group, allowing them to experience the many secondary benefits of being part of a church or religious organization, such as social events, opportunities for charity and community involvement, that they might not otherwise have as non-believers. We welcome any students who are interested in exploring: their beliefs, the presented subjects or taking part in our events.

Other goals of the Guelph Campus Atheists are; to dispel any misconceptions about the ethical, political, and social implications of atheism, agnosticism and secularism; to ‘put a face’ on atheism, and to explore the various belief systems that exist. In furtherance of these goals, we hold a series of events (movies, talks, debates etc) while maintaining the importance of religious tolerance.

We have weekly meetings on Tuesdays  5:30-7pm.

The greek word Atheos “was derogatively applied to anyone thought to believe in false gods, no gods, or doctrines that stood in conflict with established religions.” (Wikipedia)

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