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Cycling Fundraiser for SOFREE Outreach Initiatives

We are excited to announce our first fundraising event to help develop our outreach initiatives and better meet the needs of the Humanist community and have a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals.


On July 8, long-time Humanist activist and dedicated SOFREE member, Spencer Lucas, will undertake a challenging cycling feat across picturesque Prince Edward Island. He aims to cycle 200 kilometres in 15 hours, pushing his limits to raise funds for SOFREE. We hope you will join us in supporting this effort.


To support our efforts, click the Canada Helps link below and donate any amount you wish:

Additionally, Canada Helps is now holding its “Great Canadian Giving Challenge” which means that for every dollar donated to SOFREE this month, our organization will be entered into a draw to win $20,000. This would help us expand our reach and enable us to help even more people.


* Boost our efforts to advance Humanism, defend human rights, support secular laws, and enhance outreach to our members and the Humanist community. * Generate financial support to develop and implement our outreach initiatives. * Promote the health benefits of outdoor activities, nature appreciation, and community engagement.


“I’m a lifelong recreational cyclist. I enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. I’ve never had an expensive bike or a road bike, and ride fairly leisurely on my hybrid bicycle. I’ve not cycled more than 90 km in one day in the last year and 130 km in the last decade. I’m 55 years old now and the window is closing on a venture like this. As much as this is a personal goal, I also feel good about giving back to SOFREE for the commendable work this organization does and creates an even greater incentive for me to reach this arbitrary but self-established meaningful milestone.”

We encourage you to spread the word about this event among your friends, family, and colleagues who may be interested in supporting our cause. By leveraging the increasing popularity of cycling and the support of the Humanist community, we feel that SOFREE can make a significant and positive impact on the lives of those in need.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to SOFREE and the values we champion. It is through the collective efforts and generosity of caring people like you that we can make a positive impact and bring about meaningful change.