Darwin Day Celebration & Movie Night

22 February 2024 - 7:00 pm

Darwin Day Celebration and Movie Night!

Enjoy the movie and lively conversation, and indulge in birthday cake as we celebrate Charles Darwin’s 215th birthday!

“Creation” is a partly biographical, partly fictional, narrative about the renowned naturalist and biologist Charles Darwin (1809-1882) and his struggle to publish his book “On the Origin of Species”. This revolutionary book, published in 1859, explores the scientific concept that life forms evolve over generations through the process of natural selection. While he was sure of his conclusions, they created a rift between Darwin and his wife, Emma Wedgwood, who was devoutly religious. The rift grew wider after the tragic death of their daughter, Annie, at age 10. This grievous loss cemented his disbelief in divine intervention. Emma was opposed to the publication of the book because its discoveries contradicted her lifelong religious beliefs. She worried about the potential consequences for herself and Charles in the afterlife, believing she would go to Heaven and Charles would not.

Fellow biologists, Thomas Huxley and Alfred Russell Wallace, strongly supported the premise of natural selection and encouraged Charles Darwin to share his book with the world, with Wallace asserting that if Darwin did not act quickly, Wallace would publish his own findings first.

Emma eventually agreed to the publication after Charles speculated that their daughter’s health issues might be linked to their close familial relationship, as they were first cousins. His hypothesis that genetic weaknesses frequently resulted from inbreeding aligned with his theory of natural selection.

“Creation” refutes the position of many creationists that Charles Darwin “killed God” and that his work led to genocidal atrocities. The film also shows the struggle that Darwin had in accepting that the universe was actually indifferent to the beings on our little pale blue dot.

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RSVP needed by FEBRUARY 20 to: Events@sofree.ca so we know how many people to expect and can give you the location. Please arrive by 6:45 pm. Snacks, juice, and de-caffeinated coffee will be provided. Feel free to bring your own bottle of water if you wish.

Admission: Complimentary for SOFREE members; $10 for guests. Payments should be sent to: treasurer@sofree.ca by FEBRUARY 20.

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