Waterloo Solstice Brunch

December 16, 2018 - 10:30 am


SOFREE hosts a brunch on the third Sunday of every month. The December Brunch is our Solstice Brunch. Come and celebrate Solstice with us. Solstice music, a special presentation, and even Solstice cake will be provided.

Karis Burkowski, HALCYON DAYS
“Christmas seems to start right after Hallowe’en. Day by day, it ramps up into a crazy-busy time full of pressures to buy and eat and drink and party and decorate and in every way to consume more than we need or even want.

Why do we, as non-believers, continue to participate in this highly commercialized, winter holiday custom?

Does it have meaning for us?

This year, let’s do something radically different instead. Let’s create a new tradition for ourselves and celebrate the Halcyon Days.”

This event is open to everyone – no membership required. Join us for good food, and good Solstice fellowship. No cover charge. Just pay for what you order from the menu. Any questions? Email events@sofree.ca