Indeed, Welcome!

Good Without God? You Are NOT Alone

Founded in 1992, The Society of Ontario Freethinkers1 is a dynamic community of secular humanists in Southwestern Ontario. People join us to socialize, discuss, learn, and to practise the secular humanist philosophy. For 25 years, SOFREE has provided an active, supporting community for non-believers.

Many of us just need to socialize, others to explore the ethical world of secular humanism and some would like some support in their journey away from religion, or just through life. SOFREE provides  these opportunities and any others you might like to add to the mix.

We offer opportunities to share concerns and information, to enjoy social events, discussion, lectures and participation in the larger community as a part of SOFREE’s community volunteer outreach. Non-believers who join us (even as guests) are not alone.

  1. Formerly The Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Guelph Humanist Association