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Our Vision Meeting, July 3, 2018 L to R. Eileen, Aram, Doug, Laurie, Karis, Isobel, and Sibylle

SOFREE has many activities intended to involve as many people as possible its social community. These include events and activities that promote mutual support, socializing, discussion, and information gathering.

Brunches: SOFREE has a brunch on the third Sunday of every month. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are meeting virtually on Zoom. Members and guests gather to chat, listen to presentations, ask questions, discuss the answers and, of course, enjoy food. We are emailing the Zoom login information to people on our mailing list.

Darwin Day: We celebrate Darwin’s birthday on February 12 each year, usually with a dinner and presentation by a scholar on evolution. The event is open to the public and tickets are available through the upcoming events menu to the right when details are decided. Prices vary according to the dinner and venue costs and society members are invited at a discounted rate.

Community Participation: SOFREE participates in several community events to demonstrate that we are a part of the community as a whole and to make our fellow citizens aware of SOFREE and the secular humanist philosophy. These events include: The K-W Multicultural Festival, The Non-Violence Festival, The World Religions Conference, and others.