The World According to Darwin

To someone who has little understanding of the theory of evolution, it might seem odd that Charles Darwin's birthday celebration is as big as it is. On Darwin Day we shall learn that his work on the origins of life's diversity has far-reaching impact on disciplines as diverse as archaeology, history, geology, psychology, and of course biology, which has been completely revolutionized by his discoveries and legacy. We will explore three areas of interest: first, a primer on the fundamentals of evolution (how life adapts and changes over time); second, methods of measuring the effects of evolution (how we can test it and know that it exists); and third, the ways this knowledge changes our perspective on the natural world (how we feel about our place in the universe).

6:00pm, Saturday February 11
Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge
4 King St. North, Waterloo

Presenter: Karina Black

A perpetual student, Karina has been actively non-religious since 2013. She is former President of Waterloo Atheists and Secular Humanists, and current Vice President of the Society of Ontario Freethinkers, where she is devoted to providing an active community for non-religious residents of Waterloo Region. She is an advocate of scientific literacy and community engagement in government. Karina is currently pursuing an Honours Science degree at the University of Waterloo.